Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

Science aims to create knowledge for everyone, in a globe-spanning conversation that seeks reliable, reproducible insights into our shared world. Our science is incomplete when people are excluded from this conversation.

  • We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to building a thriving community.

  • We believe wellbeing (and great science) comes from inclusive, respectful, collaborative, flexible and fun ways of working.

  • We know that academia has historically excluded and presently excludes many researchers on the basis of gender, race, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, disability, and religion, among many other factors. This exclusion is particularly acute in the subfields of theoretical neuroscience and machine learning. We aim to eliminate these biases in our lab, institution, field, and world.

  • Neuroscience and machine learning are increasingly impacting society. We believe we have an obligation to understand these impacts and ensure that benefits to society are broadly shared.

We commit to continually discussing, improving and critically appraising our EDI actions.

Our lab is more than its scientific output. The long-term health of academia and society depends on these efforts.