Some routes to joining the lab require developing a joint proposal with the PI before applying, so be in touch early in the process.

Postdoctoral researchers

The lab has an open postdoctoral position in the theory of deep learning. Full application details are here, deadline 12pm on the 15 Apr 2020.

The following fellowships can support work in the lab.

Any field/interdisciplinary:

  1. Oxford Junior Research Fellowships. These are announced here, and refreshed every month. You can also sign up for email notifications.
  2. Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship
  3. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship
  4. HFSP Fellowship
  5. L’Oréal-UNESCO Fellowship
  6. Newton Fellowship


  1. Sir Henry Wellcome
  2. British Academy

Machine learning:

  1. Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship

Graduate students

Graduate students can join the lab through several programs.

  1. Doctoral Program in Psychology
  2. Doctoral Program in Neuroscience
  3. Interdisciplinary Biosciences DTC